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Cash Game Masterclass Review

Jonathan Little & PokerCoaching.com

Jonathan Little Cash Game Masterclass is the newest program at poker coaching premium. In this 6 hour training course with 27 lessons, poker pro, poker author and poker coach JL teaches you everything you need to know to win at cash game poker.

Topics covered in the cash game masterclass include:

  • Equity
  • Ranges
  • Preflop Bet Sizing
  • Preflop play when folded to
  • What to do when your raise gets 3 bet
  • What to do when facing limpers
  • How to play facing a raise
  • How to play facing a raise and a call
  • What to do when you call and get 3 bet
  • What to play when facing a preflop raise and 3 bet
  • What to do facing a preflop 4 bet
  • How to play the flop
  • Poker Hand Examples of flop play
  • When to bet and how much to bet
  • How to play facing a bet on the flop
  • How to play multi way on the flop
  • What to do when facing a flop raise
  • How to play the Turn
  • Poker hands examples of turn play
  • How to play the river
  • Full hand examples
  • Adjustments for shallow stacked play
  • Adjustments for deep stacked play
  • Adjustments for short handed play
  • Straddle Pots
  • Bankroll Management
  • Game selection
  • Seat selection
  • Optimal Buy in size
  • How to adjust for the rake
  • The proper poker mindset
  • Poker Tells (the 5 most common)

In addition to all these topics discussed in the cash game masterclass Jonathan also points to numerous references for deeper study on advanced concepts like body language, verbal tells, game theory optimal play, and advanced exploitative play.

The Cash Game Masterclass will give you a great foundation and theoretical understanding for how to win consistently at small stakes cash games and mid stakes poker. It is geared for live 1/2-2/5 players (the concepts also apply to tournaments and online poker)

The Cash Game Masterclass comes free with your Poker Coaching Premium membership.

When you join Poker Coaching premium you will also get access to to over 100 classes on all topics poker strategy from many great poker coaches including: Fedor Holz, Alex Fitzgerald, Matt Affleck and Evan Jarvis (Jonathan is always adding new players to the roster as well so don't be surpised to see another big name soon!)

You will also get access to over 600 Poker hand quizzes and counting which will help you test your knowledge to see if you can make the right decisions when the pressure is on.

For extra practice there are also monthly homework challenges included with your Poker Coaching Membership which will help you build balanced ranges, ensure you are using the optimal bet size at every opportunity, and allow you to get feedback directly from Jonathan Little and the Poker Coaching community!

Poker Coaching Premium is a poker training site that offers more features than any other poker site out there, and with the latest addition of the Cash Game Masterclass the value is insanely good.

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